Common Fears


Imagine gently slumbering through a dental visit. Being completely relaxed. Then envision an entirely new, beautiful, healthy smile in as little as one or two visits. That is what we offer our patients. If anxiety or fear has been holding you back from getting the care you deserve, let Dr. Clayton put you at ease.


Dr. Clayton's eye for esthetics and strong attention to detail has helped many patients. Yet, there are many more people who need and want this type of care, but don't pursue it because of some past experience or apprehension that holds them back.


Conscious Sedation and Dr. Clayton give you a very valuable option: complete comfort combined with rewarding care. Conscious Sedation does not put the patient "under". Unlike general anesthesia, which requires an artificial breathing system, you retain your natural breathing reflex. You are able to respond to our instructions and you can be awakened at anytime. Best of all, you barely remember the procedure.


If you are interested in this level of comfort click to request more information on the form page or call us at 770.932.0290.

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